Ankle Socks for Women

Women's sneaker socks in trendy colours and trendy patterns
Freedom for the ankles! Usually fashion is quite fast-paced - but wearing short sneaker socks with sneakers has been on trend for quite some time now. For about two years now, you have been able to show off your colourful ladies sneaker socks, because the trousers tend to expose the ankles. It's a good thing then that we at Burlington offer great women's sneaker socks in strong colours and with attractive patterns as part of our range. They really know how to stage your ankles!

Bonnie, Tutti Frutti or Montrose?

Of course you can wear your ladies sneaker socks from the design series Tutti Frutti or Bonnie daily. At Burlington, the names stand for different designs. The Tutti Frutti sneaker socks are made of different coloured yarns, so they always feature a colourful mix of similar colours. The technical term for this is melange. Your women's sneaker socks by Burlington are not simply grey or mottled black, but purple, turquoise, salmon, bold blue or multi-coloured. No matter which style you prefer for your sneakers and leggings - Tutti Frutti always fits!

Your ladies sneaker socks of the design line Bonnie, on the other hand, feature only one colour on the end and toes. The middle part of the foot is a lot of fun with a check pattern - and with a fairly large one at that, which is typical of the sneaker socks from Burlington. Wild colour combinations featuring magenta, cobalt blue and turquoise green can be found in our assortment, as well as plain grey tones on white or blue nuances on black. Women's sneaker socks can be really wild here at Burlington. But they can also be well-behaved.

The women's sneaker socks Montrose are quite subtle. One colour for the sole, toes and cuff, the other for the rest - and the two tones are only one shade apart. These are your sneaker socks for days when things would otherwise be too colourful. Still feminine: these socks have a small frill on the cuff.

Everyday? Everyday Burlington!

Your ladies sneaker socks for every day in a cost-effective multi-pack are called Everyday Twin Pack in our range. Here, you will find women's sneaker socks in a one and two colour design , which are simple but still have the usual great Burlington quality. Black, grey, skin-coloured, sporty in a dark blue and bottle green or in other combinations, our twin pack ensures that you don't have to do without these great women's sneaker socks from Burlington, even, when you're on a tight budget.

More than design: a great mix of materials, a perfect fit

Sneaker socks are not only a matter of fashion, but also of comfort. That's why Burlington makes these great socks for you using 72% cotton, 25% polyamide and only 3% elastane. The socks are incredibly comfortable to wear and adapt perfectly to your foot shape thanks to the added elastane. Hence, these women's sneaker socks always fit well. There won't be any wrinkles in the shoe, so that pressure points can be avoided. And this mixture of materials has one more advantage: it is easy to clean. You can wash your sneaker socks at a hygienic 40° C in the machine. By the way, you can wear these socks all year round: the cotton ensures pleasantly warm feet even on cool winter days. And in the summer, the polyamide content of the fabric allows your skin to breathe, so that your feet won't overheat in your sneakers. Interested? Browse through our range and get inspired!