Be it rhombus, stripes or flowers: Lend your feet a stage!
You want to showcase your open laced leather shoes in style or contrast your white sneakers with bright yellow? Our men's socks offer just the opportunity to do so. Be it sporty, casual or elegant: Burlington men's socks are available in many different colours and designs, so as to realise your individual style.

The diamond: timeless, elegant, modern
The Scottish Argyle pattern is a timeless classic amongst men's socks. It consists of lozenges arranged like a chessboard, which are crossed by two contrasting stripes above. This creates a multi-dimensional check pattern, which may be interpreted both in a modern and classic way. To this day, the crossed lozenge adorns Burlington's company logo.

From Scotland...
The Argyle pattern became popular after the First World War and has since become indispensable in the wardrobes of style-conscious men. In 1975, Burlington introduced the stylised diamond pattern to the German market with great success and made it a signature look of their sock production. Timelessly elegant, it complements suits, draws attention to the shoes and sets individual accents. Today's product offerings range from classic Argyle patterns made of shiny and finely mercerised cotton in the Old English style to psychedelic blurred diamonds as part of a 360-degree print. With all that's on offer, you have countless possibilities for combination: you can turn up your denim trousers and showcase the colourful splendour of long drawn rhombuses, or discreetly point out that you have absolutely internalised the etiquette manual on how to wear a well-groomed men's suit.

... to Hawaii
The designs of Burlington are not only limited to the traditional counties of Scotland, but extend to the coast of Hawaii as well. Those looking for a casual and life-affirming look for the next island holiday should not leave the airport without a pair of socks featuring a “Hawaiian print”. The yellow radiant hibiscus flowers compliment the anticipation of a well-deserved break. Real cosmopolitans and those who want to become them can embark on the next long-term journey with a world map on their feet. If you prefer to stay at home, you can stock up on a pair of socks in the “Fair Isles” look and casually defy the cold and wet weather of the grey season in style.

Subtle or bright, neon or pastel?
The wide range of colours of our socks allows you to reinvent yourself for any occasion. Do you want to emphasise your cognac-brown leather shoes with a burgundy pair of “Leeds” socks or even take a multi-coloured approach? Do you want your socks to be eye-catching? No problem! In our assortment, you will find bright neon colours, delicate pastel tones and muted dark colours for any occasion. Depending on whether you want to stand out from the crowd, look decisive or signal that you mean it: Our colour spectrum ranges from beige to pink to black and supports you in every decision you make.

A perfect fit and high quality
The combination of high-quality materials guarantees long-lasting quality and great wearing comfort. To keep your feet warm, for example, socks with a high virgin wool content would be suitable. In the office, on the other hand, you should pay attention to professionalism and give preference to the shimmering shine of mercerised cotton socks. To ensure the perfect fit of our socks, they are supplemented with elastane. All of our men's socks are equipped with a small metal clip, which is placed at ankle height and bears our company logo. This way you know that you have purchased a high-quality product from Burlington.