Ankle Socks for Men

Men's High-Quality Sneaker Socks
The sneaker boom does not seem to cease in 2020 - sporty shoes have not yet gone out of fashion. But have they ever? Men wear sneaker socks with sneakers. Burlington has put together the most beautiful men's sneaker socks collection featuring sporty cheeky designs, strong colours and, of course, simple, elegant designs.

Men's sneaker socks for every occasion

The men's sneaker socks belong with sneakers - but who says that you can only wear sneakers in your spare time? At Burlington, you will find the right sneaker socks for every occasion. Sporty models in a tight fit optimally support your feet in the gym, while jogging, or even during fitness training sessions in the park or on the bike. The different web zones are differentiated by colour - these men's sneaker socks look just as sporty as they are! The perfect material mix of 47% polyester, 32% polyamide, 19% lyocell and 2% elastane makes these socks fit perfectly to your feet. They are breathable, let the air circulate around your feet and always ensure a pleasantly dry feeling of the skin. They are also easy to clean: simply put them in the washing machine at 40° C, so as to have your favourite Burlington socks in your gym bag the next day!

The material is slightly different for the Bold Stripes men's sneaker socks. The innovative cotton mix made of 73% cotton, 17% polyacrylic, 9% polyamide and 1% elastane ensures a perfect fit for these sneaker socks. But the cotton also has a warming effect. These are men's sneaker socks, which support you throughout the year and also provide pleasantly warm feet during winter. The wide block stripes add a touch of pep to the design, but of course you can also wear these sneaker socks with suit trousers in the office. Men's sneaker socks are simply incredibly comfortable. You won't want to take them off ever again!

Everyday? A double pack for everyone!

Of course, a pair of men's sneaker socks won't get you through everyday life. But how about two pairs? Our everyday twin pack is an economical solution for those, who simply never want to miss out on their comfortable men's sneaker socks from Burlington. The sneaker socks in a twin pack feature one or two colours, the chosen shades are subtle. These are men's sneaker socks, which you can wear with jeans, as well as during leisure time, in the office or for sports. These socks are intended to accompany you in everyday life and will keep your feet comfortable. They set subtle fashionable accents. On the back of the foot, they feature a tonal mesh structure in a classic Argyle design. These economical socks also consist of an innovative cotton mix, which is comfortable to wear, warms your feet and can be machine washed. Of course, these simple men's sneaker socks also feature the Burlington lettering on the sole. Questions about the design? The Burlington logo, the size and the inner border of the cuff are held in contrasting colours.

Not only for sneaker fans

Of course, you should wear your sneaker socks primarily with sneakers. But you can of course wear them with other footwear. In your running shoes, these sneaker socks will feel just as comfortable taking the dog to the park for his evening walk, as in leather shoes in the office. Curious? Let yourself be inspired by our range! You are guaranteed to find your favourite men's sneaker socks here!