Knee high Socks

Men's knee-high socks - the real thing from Burlington!
Checked, with block stripes, plain, curled or in a 3D look? How do you like your men's knee-high socks? We know only one thing for sure: knee-high socks can be pretty wild! This is because somehow, men's knee-high socks have managed to free up the ankles and are freely making a fashionable statement between trouser legs and shoes.

A classic design by Burlington

The men's knee-high socks from Burlington can also still be well-behaved: In addition to the usual knee-high socks in plain colours, you will still find socks in the typical Burlington design and muted colours in our assortment. These socks may not be plain black - but you can still wear them with a suit anyway! And of course, these knee-high socks in a dark blue with pink and white checks, in a soft turquoise with dark green and white checks, in red with grey and black checks and other typical or upbeat colour combinations also go well with jeans, sports trousers and any other legwear of your liking. Burlington is a classic design, suitable for work, leisure and sports. With style! These are our product ranges Manchester men's knee-high socks, Cardiff men's knee-high socks, Edinburgh men's knee-high socks, Preston men's knee-high socks and Rider Boy knee-high socks. The latter have a special feature: these men's knee-high socks do not feature a single colour, but are mottled instead. In return, the checks applied are held in a single contrasting colour. The bright colours add accents to the feet and legs!

Did you look around the corner today?

No? Then you should take a closer look at our men's knee-high socks from the Snow Fun Boy product line . Here you'll find subtle tones from the classic Burlington palette along with exciting new colours, which you may recognise from other Burlington collections. And we've gone one better: these knee-high socks create the illusion of featuring blocks. The 3D designs feature colourful steps running around your calves, building blocks stacked up in all sorts of colours, and all that with the usual high quality and great fit of Burlington's knee-high socks. You won't be able to wait to show off these hot socks!

Special material mixes for specific expectations

Men's knee-high socks, such as the Snow Fun Boy knee-high socks, are perfect for sporting requirements during winter: they are made of 46% polyamide, 29% polyacrylic, 24% wool and 1% elastane. This great mix of materials guarantees that your men's knee-high socks always sit perfectly on the foot. There won't be any creases in the snowshoe or areas, which rub, at all. The modern material composition climatises the feet and ensures pleasantly warm, dry feet in cold weather and whilst pursuing hot winter sports. The socks are easy to care for: at 30° C, you simply wash them in the washing machine.

Of course, men's knee-high socks from Burlington are also still available in classic material blends. For example, the knee-high socks of the Manchester product line are made of 85% cotton and only 15% polyamide. The fine mercerised cotton in a high quality keeps your feet warm all year round and ensures a healthy climate in the shoe. Those looking for less cotton and more modern materials should try out the knee-high socks of the Cardiff product line: Here we added 76% cotton with 24% polyamide. The men's knee-high Cardiff socks are therefore even more comfortable to wear, because they allow for the moist and warm air to be better removed from the foot. All knee-high socks from Burlington are easy-care and machine washable !