King Size

Men's king size socks for big feet
In addition to the regular sizes, our socks range for men also includes socks in sizes 46 to 50 - for the kings among you. The king size socks come in a variety of colours, patterned and plain colours, so that even big feet don't have to become bored. You may look forward to the numerous options offered by our men's king size socks.

Of course, our classic, the Manchester sock, is included in the assortment of large sizes. You will recognise them by the typical Argyle pattern with contrasting colours - for example in the new, eye-catching colour variations blue with grey and pink diamonds, as well as in green with a grey and black diamond pattern. And our simple Manchester socks are also available in king size with a variety of black, grey and blue tones.

The Preston socks with an Argyle pattern and super soft material may also be found in the king size line. This is where your retro style is particularly well placed! They are also available in different colour variations - for example in black with a grey or orange-brown diamond pattern, but also in grey and blue tones. What makes them so soft? A material combination of polyacrylic and polyamide.

Furthermore, you have access to the simple but stylish Lord men's socks as part of our king size line. They are made of combed cotton and therefore offer a great year-round quality. The men's king size Lord socks are available in black, dark blue, grey and green.

If you can't get enough of subtle, solid-coloured socks, you should also go for the Leeds socks in the king size line. They are made of virgin wool and cotton for great wearing comfort. They are available in black and two shades of grey - the special feature of our Leeds socks? Unlike all other sock designs in the king size category, they do not feature a sewn-on Burlington clip, but a small, knitted Burlington logo on the shaft instead.

If you are more into the classic Argyle pattern, the king size line has even more to offer: These Edinburgh socks are mostly made of high-quality virgin wool. They are available in a dark blue with a red and blue diamond pattern, in black with a grey pattern, in different shades of grey, in grey with a blue diamond pattern and in a fresh blue with grey and black diamonds.

These King socks in many fashionable colour variants and the tried and tested Argyle pattern can also be found among our large sizes. Like the Lord socks, they are mostly made of combed cotton and can therefore be worn throughout the year. Be it in a simple colour combination - different shades of grey, in a light grey with blue and black rhombuses, in blue with light grey and light blue rhombuses - or in more striking, strong colours - bright red with grey and light blue rhombuses, bright blue with rhombuses in an intense green and a lighter shade of blue... There should be something for everyone's colour taste!