Argylle × Burlington — stylish cat socks for the film

A global espionage organisation. An agent with a cat allergy. And a writer who really just wants to be left alone. These are just three of the ingredients in the sophisticated spy thriller Argylle, in which a cat also plays an undeniably cool role.

This latest hit film has teamed up exclusively with Burlington to capture the film's irresistible charm in a fashionable way. The result is a brand partnership between Marv Studios, Universal and Burlington that has produced stylish Argylle film merch. A perfect liaison. After all, argyle is also the name of the traditional British check design, and it's hard to imagine a fashion brand that embodies this pattern and the argyle style with such accomplished results as Burlington.

Argylle cat socks — fun cat socks with Alfie the cat 

Burlington has reinterpreted its classic argyle socks Queen, King, Bonnie and Clyde to create Argylle cat socks for this stylish collaboration. The limited edition collection skilfully showcases Alfie the cat from the film Argylle in the form of Burlington women's socks and Burlington men's socks. The role of Alfie in Argylle is played by Chip, who has a very prominent real life owner: supermodel Claudia Vaughn (née Schiffer), wife of director Matthew Vaughn.

The iconic highlight of the Burlington cat socks: in addition to the typical Burlington clip, these socks feature a sophisticated and high-quality print, for example showing the charismatic cat Alfie in a stylish Argylle backpack. Combined with high-quality materials and the classic diamond pattern, the result is film merch that celebrates the stylish vibe of the clothing in the Argylle film.