Burlington WE CARE

We Care. Okay, what do we actually care about? Burlington We Care describes our attitude towards the responsible use of resources and our responsibility towards our employees and you, our customer. We recognize in responsibility a path that never ends and on which we individually as well as together take new steps every day. In doing so, we focus on fairness, quality and inspiration.

The process before you take your step

The production of a sock is a complex process that involves several steps to ensure a high-quality end product. After knitting and turning, the toe is closed and the sock is pre-shaped for a perfect fit. The socks are then treated and finished to make them soft, skin-friendly, hard-wearing and easy to care for.

Special processing steps are carried out on cotton socks in particular to optimize moisture absorption. After any defects have been checked and repaired, labels are attached before the socks are packed and prepared for dispatch.

A sock that can withstand your every move

"One Size Fits All", the ideal fit and less environmental impact

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